Welcome to The Frozen Farmer!

We’re the coolest in our field.

With ingredients that are mere hours from field to you, we have the freshest, most flavorful frozen treats anywhere! Visit us at the produce market, at our Heritage Shores location, or at local fairs and festivals in our Frozen Farmer Food Truck!

  • Heritage Shores: (302) 337-8444, Three Heritage Shores Circle, Bridgeville. Need directions?
  • Evans Farms Produce Market: (302) 337-8130, 9843 Seashore Highway, Bridgeville – Route 404 in Bridgeville, one mile east of Route 13. Need directions?

Shut the freezer door, that’s good!

The Frozen Farmer is all about bringing farm-fresh flavors to your favorite frozen confections, combining them in ways that celebrate the fresh and bring on the yum.

And since our confections are whipped up with fresh, locally grown fruits and veggies fortified with a healthy dose of love, you don’t get the high-fat, high-calorie penalty that a lot of frozen treats make you pay. There’s no room in our frozen lovelies for guilt. Enjoy your treats. And know that it’s good for you and your family (but you don’t have to tell the kids that!)