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Ice cream – You’re going for it – the full-fat, full-calorie scoop of happiness. Hey, we’re not judging. (We make this stuff – why would we?) We get it. When you’ve decided to splurge on a sweet, creamy treat, you don’t want to hold back. Neither do we. Our ice cream is THE creamiest, THE sweetest, THE freshest scoop of full-on dairy deliciousness you’ve ever tasted. Now scootch over and hand me a spoon. Less talky, more eat-y.

Nice cream – Yes, that’s right: NICE cream – a decadent, delectable, delightful and delicious blend of sorbet and ice cream. Nice cream reduces the fat and calorie content of your favorite frozen treat without sacrificing flavor. To the contrary, when we blend fresh farm-picked fruits and juices with creamy, luscious ice cream, the result is an epic explosion of flavor!

Sorbet – Sometimes the whole is more than the yum of its parts. (See what we did there?) Strawberries hand-picked from the farm are delicious; pair them with the zing of lime and you’ll swoon. Ripe local watermelon represents the best of the season. Pair its sweet refreshing juice with the cool zip of mint? Shut the freezer door! It’s crazy good. Come in for a sample. Enjoy a scoop on the spot. Buy a pint to take home. *Sorbets are lactose free, gluten free and fat FREE.*

Fresh-pressed juices and smoothies – Nothing beats the heat, quenches the thirst and satisfies the taste buds like local fruits and veggies, hand harvested at the peak of ripeness and whipped into a cold, sweet treat! Try our favs “Kinda a Big Dill” or “Orange You Beautiful” Our juices and smoothies feature all-natural ingredients and the primary ingredients are always what’s fresh from the home farm.

*If you have a food allergy and must avoid lactose/dairy, gluten, nuts or other ingredients, please let your server know so that we can take every precaution to help you avoid those allergens.